Illustrations for The National in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Photo Illustration for a story on sleep deprivation caused by an addiction to digital devices (iPhones, iPads, et al)
Digital illustration done for a story on how piracy affected politics in the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Looking at the lively history of piracy in the region, the role of the Qawasim in RAK and the formation of the Trucial States.
Digital illustration for a guide to 12 spiritual books to read during Ramadan. Idriss Mears: The founder of spiritual literature book store, "The Book Corner" at Al Serkal Foundation, gives us 12 books to read and contemplate over the Holy Month
Digital illustration for an interview with Sophie Hannah, poet and author of two new Hercule Poirot / Agatha Christie novels. Hannah gave a three-day crime writing workshop in Dubai
Digital illustration for a story on American literary magazine The Common which after four years work, this year published a special issue dedicated to contemporary Arabic fiction. The edition was curated by the magazine’s editor-in-chief Jennifer Acker and prominent Jordanian writer Hisham Bustani. At an event in Abu Dhabi, both joined contributor Youssef Rakha, an award-winning Egyptian writer. The panel reflected on the journal’s 25 stories, which represent 15 countries across the region, along with issues of  translation.
Digital illustration for a story on work spaces, considering the trend toward less office based jobs and more remote work models taking off, the story explores some of the best remote work-friendly places in the UAE. Speaks to remote workers about where they choose to work and why, and speak to businesses about what it's like having people sit and work in their spaces.
Digital illustration done for a story on talking to parents, parents counsellors and parenting coaches, schools and philanthropic children as to what goes into raising altruistic kids.
Digital illustration for a cover story on the changing face of culture in the era of Trump: how do comedians, writers, public figures wrestle with Trump, or how are they empowered by him?
Digital illustration for a story on the recent surge in the Middle East of mixtapes focusing on obscure and historic musical trends and genres that would otherwise go largely undocumented.
Digital illustration for a piece examining the current moment of podcasts, and their future, and asking the question of what the rise of podcasts says about the modern world and our desire for connection and authenticity, and whether that will be threatened by its own success
Spot illustrations done for a story about millennials in India who are rejecting the age-old custom where families arranged marriages through a tedious process, and are instead embracing a slew of new apps that allow young independent men and women to pick and choose their own life partners 
Digital illustration for this story: Our skies will look very different in the generations to come, with air travel being faster, smarter, and with less damage to the environment. Supersonic flight is set to make a comeback, the proposed ‘SpaceLiner’ would make it possible to travel from London to Australia in under 90 minutes, while aircraft could fly in formation, like birds, to save fuel. But it won’t be all about speed: airships are also making a comeback and the Middle East is playing a central role. This one went through a couple of sketches until it finally reached this look. See one of them below: 

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