High quality sports tabloid that challenged the status quo
While working here, I helped create many of the now classic and household products and platforms that this great newspaper now boasts; colourful and adventurous everyday, that was our motto, back when sports press was seen in our country's capital as nothing more than second-hand news devoted to the lowest ranking elements of daily coverage. But through wisecracking creativity and boldness we changed all that… I still love their slogan: Nuestro papel es tu pasión… which roughly translates as “our paper is your passion” (as it usually happens, ‘meaning’ gets lost in translation, though) and they still keep at it everyday… infographics, top-notch design, photography and excellent storytelling made it the consecutive SND World's Best Designed winner daily newspaper for 2 years in a row.
Illustrations: Hugo Sanchez
Infographic: Hugo Sanchez
Infographic: Hugo Sanchez
Photo illustration, Ale Andrade
Illustrations: Arturo Fonseca
Illustration: Arturo Fonseca
Infographic: Arturo Fonseca
Illustrations: Hugo Sanchez, Arturo Fonseca
Photo illustration: Arturo Fonseca
Illustration: Arturo Fonseca

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